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Results of the 25th anniversary international coal forum. Соal of Russia and Mining 2018

Results of the 25th anniversary international coal forum. Соal of Russia and Mining 2018

On 5-8 June, 2018 in Novokuznetsk were held the international exhibition of mining development technologies Coal of Russia and Mining; Protection, Safety of Work and Activity; Subsoil of Russia. The latter is the only project in Russia for all the branches of ore mining industry and the unique platform for demonstration of the latest technologies that open to the foreign and local companies new horizons of cooperation and ensure using these opportunities for business development.

Kuznetsk Coal Basin is one of the largest in the world and Russia. Annually at the beginning of June in the Kemerovo region is held the main coal exhibition of the country – Coal of Russia and Mining where Russian and foreign participants traditionally gather. The exhibition takes a leading place in the all-Russian exhibition rating and is recognized as the largest in Russia on subject “Natural resources. Mining industry” in all nominations.

Equipment, technique and workings were presented by 626 companies from 27 countries: Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Norway, Poland, Republic of Belarus, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan. 498 of 626 participants are Russian and 128 are foreign companies. Foreign participants are presented by 45 companies from Germany, 21 from China, 13 from Poland, 9 from Great Britain and 9 from the Czech Republic, 3 from Australia, Austria, the USA and Turkey, 2 from the Netherlands, France, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland.

During 4 days the exhibition was visited by 38438 people the most part of who were the experts representing the enterprises of coal, mechanical, metallurgical industry and other fields of activity from Russia and other countries.

Numerous seminars and the presentations took place, for example Future of Industrial Safety in Mining Branch, Decisions for Mining Branch, Systems of Dust Suppression for the Coal Industry, New Developments of Cable and Conduction Products for Ore Mining Industry, Technology of Tires Saving and many others.

17 gold, 13 silver, 25 bronze medals of The Best Exhibit and 9 main awards Grand Prix were handed to the winners according to the result of the competition.

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