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We pass the Microtrac flag to our partners!

We pass the Microtrac flag to our partners!

In June 2019, the American company Microtrac, Inc. and the Japanese company Microtrac BEL – the leading manufacturers and founders of technological solutions for particle size and surface analysis have entered into a merger agreement with the VERDER Group.

On January 1st 2020, the right to distribute Microtrac products officially passed to our Partner, Verder Scientific (Saint – Petersburg), a subsidiary of the Russian company Verder Scientific.

Despite the fact that we represented Microtrac on the Russian market within the framework of product promotion, service and technical support for a relatively short time, we are very grateful to the management and the entire Microtrac team for their trust, invaluable experience, new knowledge, unlimited help and support 24/7/365. Especially, we would like to express our gratitude for the warm and cordial welcome on German soil at the international meeting of Microtrac distributors in February 2019, organized at the highest level of professionalism! We deeply appreciate the opportunity to be among the best and become the first to get acquainted with the innovative technology embodied in the Sync device. At the exhibition Analytica Expo 2019 the interest of visitors in the Microtrac products gives confidence in the right direction of development of the Microtrac technical base, as well as the influence and experience of the Verder Scientific will boost to cover a greater range of Customers and technological applications around the world.

We are absolutely sure that the Verder Scientific will continue to represent Microtrac MBR with dignity and at a high level in Russia! We wish our partners firmly to carry the Microtrac flag, grow and develop rapidly in this direction!

Dear Customers, you still can receive professional advice and assistance in application Microtrac equipment for your needs by contacting Verder Scientific:

☏ +7 812 777 11 07

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