Guarantor of sustainability of mining companies

April is not a vacation time!

April is not a vacation time!

Dear Сolleagues and Clients, all of you have probably heard that this month has been declared a non-working month in Russia. However we continue to work in the normal mode.

The whole team has decided that we must act together in this difficult time. We will continue to work for the benefit of our Clients.

It is important for us to provide mining companies in a timely manner as they are the backbone of the economy and should not stop working. We have taken all necessary measures in advance and successfully moved to a remote work format that allows us to maintain our high level of organization of work.

In these difficult times we continue to be the guarantor of stable operation of mining enterprises. All obligations and agreements will be fulfilled in normal mode!

Take care of yourself and do not worry. We will do everything that is possible now from our side.

EnProTech team

Published: 2020-04-02


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