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1 May – Spring and Labor Day

1 May – Spring and Labor Day

1 May is a world-famous date that has changed its meaning many times. The first May Day were organized by pagans, trying to fertilize the goddess of fertility before spring sowing. And the official holiday was approved by the Congress of the International in support of the Chicago workers’ struggle against exploitation.

Soon after, 1 May was soaked in the spirit of communism, and a couple of years later demonstrators were already calling for the immediate overthrow of power. At the end of the revolution, they continued to commemorate it as Workers’ Solidarity Day.

In 1992, the last name was approved – the Day of Spring and Labor. Since then, congratulations on 1 May have been voiced in 66 countries.

Friends and Colleagues, congratulations on 1 May! We wish you spring mood and success in your work. Let your deeds be kind and creative, let your thoughts be bright and your work always brings you pleasure!


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