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Nerves of steel, hearts of gold. Happy Metallurgist Day!

Nerves of steel, hearts of gold. Happy Metallurgist Day!

Metallurgist Day in Russia is celebrated every year in July, on the third Sunday of the month. Unfortunately, this year celebration will be a bit different. This does not negate the entire significance of the holiday and does not overshadow great deed that metallurgists perform every day.

Metallurgist Day was established on September 28, 1957 by the decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium. This way the Soviet government noted the important contribution of the domestic metallurgy to the restoration of the country’s economy after a devastating war. Such work has always been considered hard. It is not for nothing that after 15-20 years of experience at the metallurgical facility the title “Honored Metallurgist of Russia” is awarded.

Today this day is celebrated by representatives of different professions, each of them is somehow connected with ferrous or non-ferrous metallurgy: blast furnaces, steel workers, distributors, foundry workers, blacksmiths and many others. Miners who extract ore – a necessary element for the production of metal – also consider this holiday as their own. Our team sincerely congratulates you on the Day of Metallurgist. In such a difficult time, workers in the metallurgical industry are a real support for our country. A difficult and dangerous trade is always a conscious choice of strong people. Thank you for it!

We wish you good health. And you already have hearts of gold! Let all hardships pass by. Happy holiday!