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The Great Construction of the Century

The Great Construction of the Century

Friends! It’s no secret that a large-scale construction of a mining company is underway in the Trans-Baikal Territory at the country’s largest copper deposit, discovered back in the middle of the last century.

Long years were spent on planning and preparation of a really grandiose project of mining remote from the capital, but so coveted resources. The final understanding of the technology required for the development only appeared a few years ago. From the outset it was very clear the immense scale of the project, not for nothing someone aptly called the forthcoming scope of work “the construction of the century”!

And what does EnProTech Ltd have to do with it all? Yes, quite directly!

EnProTech Ltd team managed to take part in the “Building of the century” in the part of complex equipment provision of the central analytical and ecological laboratory. The project required a lot of attention and an individual approach. In order to take into account all the wishes of such a demanding client we undertook the whole range of tasks related to the construction of the laboratory – from the room layout, taking into account the location of devices, to the selection of professional equipment and consumables.

For us, this event was not only the biggest breakthrough in the history of the company, but also a big step forward, opening up new horizons. We are sincerely proud that we could be a part of such a truly global project for Russia and for the whole world.

We can handle any nut! Stay tuned.