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Top 1000 Supplier Awards

Top 1000 Supplier Awards

There are things we are proud of: EnProTech Ltd has been among the top 1000 best suppliers for the 5th year now it has been among the TOP-1000 of the best suppliers, and also regularly becomes a nominee for the “Industry Leader” award. In our last interview for the “Fair Trade” platform we talked about our experience.

In our last interview for the “Bargaining Is Appropriate” site, we talked about our experience.

So, what qualities distinguish a successful supplier?

First of all, attitude to the customer. A good supplier is distinguished by his attention to the customer’s problems and his involvement in solving them. For us it is impossible to leave questions without answers and information on the current status of delivery, ignorng messages and calls, make you wait too long.

Second, it is responsibility. If you made a commitment, you must fulfill it flawlessly. Even in the current difficult market conditions associated with all sorts of constraints due to coronavirus infection, we do not allow ourselves to refer to force majeure, “make excuses”, and we do our job clearly, often finding new non-standard solutions.

Third, the quality. A successful supplier will never allow himself to deliver low-quality, unsuitable equipment or consumables for the sake of profit. We value not only our customers’ business, which can significantly suffer due to the use of such components in the production process, but also ourselves and our reputation. That’s why no one will ever see flexibility from us in this criterion.

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