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EnProTech is the world’s largest distributor of OREAS in 2021

EnProTech is the world’s largest distributor of OREAS in 2021

“OREAS” – reference standards of elemental composition of ores and rocks, used by geologists and laboratories to provide reliable accuracy control of geological sample analysis for gold, silver, platinum group elements, copper, nickel, etc.

EnProTech is the exclusive distributor of OREAS in Russia and CIS since 2018. For these four years we have done a great job equipping mining companies with the highest quality and reliable reference materials. For eventful four years we had not only constantly been expanding a range of users in Russia and CIS, but also achieving a thing that many of our Customers almost completely started to use mainly OREAS reference materials in their work.

According to the results of 2021 we became the world’s largest distributor of OREAS with a scope of CRM deliveries of 12.2 tons! All this is the result of tireless work of the geological survey department of our company. The department includes the skilled geologists, who are always ready to consult and assist you in the selection of required CRM for you, our precious customers.

Thank you for your trust and fruitful cooperation! We move only forward to new heights together with you!


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