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IMPC 2018–EXPO. Mining and Mineral Processing.

IMPC 2018–EXPO. Mining and Mineral Processing.

XXIX International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC 2018) and International Exhibition «IMPC2018-EXPO. Mining and Mineral Processing» will be held in Moscow, Russia on 16-18 September 2018.

IMPC2018-EXPO. Mining and Mineral Processing is a global event in the field of mining and mineral processing.

Exhibitions within the International Congress Mining and Mineral Processing – IMPC are held since 1958 and are of great interest to experts and scientists from different countries working in the field of mineral raw materials production and processing.

Top universities specializing in mineral processing, all biggest mining companies, the major leading providers of services and technologies will present advanced developments in the mining and metallurgical industry.

The delegates from all parts of the world participate in the congress to discuss the problems that are connected with mining and processing industry on a global scale. The leading mining processing and metallurgical enterprises of the world, along with key suppliers and service companies will present the advanced developments in mining and metallurgical industry.

The Exhibition will be visited by the Government members, representatives of the ministries and departments, experts of mining companies, representatives of engineering companies and institutions, students and professors and also more than 1000 delegates from Russia, USA, China, Canada, Australia, UK, Turkey, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, India, members of EU and CIS.

The malachite lizard with a crown has been chosen as a symbol of IMPC 2018. According to the legends (ancient legends) of the Ural masters and fairy tales by the great Russian writer P. Bazhov, “Mistress of Copper Mountain”, the keeper of precious breeds and stones, came to people in the form of a lizard with a crown and showed them where natural treasures are hidden. Main objectives of the International Exhibition «IMPC2018-EXPO. Mining and Mineral Processing»:

– Promotion of global innovations and exchange of experience between experts of mining industry;

– Development of science and promotion of international scientific and technological progress.

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