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Congratulations on the Metallurgist Day! 

Metal entered into our daily life so close that we almost never think about the efforts, which are spent on building ordinary things: fittings, steel bars, which protect our houses from destruction, pipelines through which heat and water flow to our houses, cables due to which the light comes on at night.

Metallurgists made a great contribution to victory in the Great Patriotic War building tanks and producing weapons. Their no less significant role was in the following reconstruction of the country. In 1957 the USSR government noting the significance of metallurgy and appreciating the industry workers efforts, established a professional holiday – the Metallurgist Day. After the collapse of the Union, the holiday didn’t disappear from the calendar, because the metallurgy is steel one of the most important industries in modern Russia.

This year the Metallurgist Day is being held for the 65th time – traditionally it is celebrated on the third Sunday of July. EnProTech team heartily congratulates all workers of the metallurgical industry on the Metallurgist Day. You are roots and pride for our entire country!


Congratulations on the Metallurgist Day! 

The meeting place – “Ugol Rossii & Mining 2022” in Novokuznetsk

Spring is far behind, but new opportunities and a new exhibition is on the horizon. With the support of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Industry and Trade, the 30th anniversary international specialized exhibition of mining technologies “Ugol Rossii & Mining” will take place in Novokuznetsk on the territory of the Kuzbass Exhibition Center in the period between 7 and 10 June 2022. The exhibition has a significant impact on development process of Russian coal enterprises, foreign trade expansion and is the exhibition #1 in the world on the underground coal mining technologies.  “Ugol Rossii & Mining” is the only Russian project for all mining industries and a unique platform for the latest technologies and equipment demonstration.

It’s the second time in this year when we participate in the exhibition. Welcome to visit our stand 4D8 in pavilion 4 and learn about innovations for sample preparation of German production EnProTech and other brands

We are looking forward to meet the regular customers and establish new contacts!

Report on Mining World Russia 2022

It has been a month since the most spectacular event of the year in the extractive industry life – MiningWorld Russia 2022 – the International Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Minerals, which was held in Moscow exhibition center “Crocus Expo”.

MiningWorld Russia is the largest exhibition for mining and mineral extraction industry in Russia and attracts the leading players of the industry. Our team always participates in key events and meetings of the industry, and MiningWorld was no exception. The foundation of our concept was a symbiosis of the classical understanding about mining and modern technologies, and the result was a bright stylish like rock-hewn stand.

In these challenging times for the business and industry, it is really important to establish professional contacts and look for new development options. We continue to work without stopping and at the exhibition we traditionally presented the brands of our exclusive distributorship such as Oreas (Australia), Morgan (Australia), JKTech (Australia), Sartorius (Germany) as well as the latest equipment of EnProTech GmbH:

1. Jaw Crusher EPT CR-M

2. Pulverizing Mill EPT GM-M

3. Pressure Filter EPT PF

Meetings with partners, a business program – three days non-stop from 26 to 28 April at the exhibition stand, we once again showed, that there is nothing we can’t do!

Photographer Marat Gismatullin


Round Table at Nornickel

From 18 to 20 May the round table on enrichment of ores of the Norilsk Nickel State Concern was held on the basis of “Gipronickel Institute” in St.Petersburg. “Norilsk Nickel” is one of the largest Russian mining and metallurgical companies, the leading producer of nickel and palladium, as well as owner of the largest nickel ore reserves. “Nornickel” also produces platinum, copper, silver, gold, cobalt and other non-ferrous metals.

Participants of the event were specialists of industrial sites, research and design centers and “Nornickel” departments. In current and challenging for the industry realities, it’s very important to have an optimal solution on qualitative import substitution and reliable partners for import equipment supply. Our close cooperation lasts since its establishment, and we are happy to be as experts of the industry at private events – and this time EnProTech participated as a guest speaker.

During the round table we introduced a new line of our own brand EnProTech with a manufacturing base in Germany, also we told about other opportunities for our customers. EnProTech is successfully engaged in complex deliveries of equipment for mining industry since 2015, having exclusive distribution agreements with OREAS, MORGAN and JKTech. 

Nomination “Exporter of the Year”

The year 2021 was rich for us in awards and nominations! Russian Export Center and the Committee on Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of St.Petersburg held the All-Russian competition in the field of international cooperation and export – “Exporter of the Year”.

The All-Russian competition “Exporter of the Year” is held among large companies, small and medium sized business, most successful in export of non-energy goods, works and services as well as results of intellectual activities. Selection of the most active participants of export activity in Russia consists of several stages.  

We are a distributor of the global brands, efficiently and regularly deliver imported equipment not only to Russia, but all over the world – deliveries to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Serbia and Armenia were carried out for the last year.

Based on 2021 year activities, EnProTech Ltd. has become a nominee of the award.

One more step to future victories and new purposes!


EnProTech is the world’s largest distributor of OREAS in 2021

“OREAS” – reference standards of elemental composition of ores and rocks, used by geologists and laboratories to provide reliable accuracy control of geological sample analysis for gold, silver, platinum group elements, copper, nickel, etc.

EnProTech is the exclusive distributor of OREAS in Russia and CIS since 2018. For these four years we have done a great job equipping mining companies with the highest quality and reliable reference materials. For eventful four years we had not only constantly been expanding a range of users in Russia and CIS, but also achieving a thing that many of our Customers almost completely started to use mainly OREAS reference materials in their work.

According to the results of 2021 we became the world’s largest distributor of OREAS with a scope of CRM deliveries of 12.2 tons! All this is the result of tireless work of the geological survey department of our company. The department includes the skilled geologists, who are always ready to consult and assist you in the selection of required CRM for you, our precious customers.

Thank you for your trust and fruitful cooperation! We move only forward to new heights together with you!

Successful Supplier Award 2022

The electronic bidding center B2B-CENTER is the leading electronic trading platform in Russia for sales and purchase in b2b-segment. Since 2002 more than 240 thousand companies have been dealing with the platform.

Every year we set new goals, but there are some, which have already become traditional. One of these goals is receiving the Successful Supplier Award. The platform has been holding this award for 9 years since 2014 and we win it annually since the establishment of EnProTech Ltd.

Leading players of the extractive industry pursue their work only by means of trading platforms, this allows to make the procurements processes transparent and gradually simplify their activity. We build open relations with clients, thus we actively participate in tender purchases, thereby keeping the honest business in Russia running.     

We constantly do an enormous amount of work for development and look for new sales possibilities by improving our proposals. The award winners are chosen by using a specific algorithm, which automatically assessed the efficiency of participants’ work. A high status of the award reaffirms the contribution of our company to the development of the Russian market, the participation efficiency in procurement and the customers’ trust.

Congratulations with Geologist Day!

The snow came off, frosts retreated and the time has come to make preparations to field works and expeditions! We extend our warmest congratulations not only to colleagues in the industry, but also to the important part of our team – Geological Surveys Department!

Professional holiday of geologists was founded in the Soviet Union in 1966, but to this day the tradition to celebrate the first Sunday of April is remained. The reason for establishment of the day was the first deposit discovery of the West Siberian oil-and-gas bearing province. An initiator of the Geologist Day establishment was Alexander Yanshin, the USSR Academy of Sciences.  On that day outstanding achievements of the Soviet specialists in the field of Geology were customary to celebrate.

Specially to the Geologist Day we prepared a professional interview of our staff. We tell about a career and establishment of the Geological Surveys Department.


EnProTech Ltd is the best dealer of Mekhanobr-Tekhnika in 2021

We have more than 70 current dealer contracts, and working with each brand, we use an exclusivist approach.

In 2021 we became the best dealer of Mekhanobr-Tekhnika. The history of warm relationships started long before the establishment of our company, when the General Director of “EnProTech” Ltd. Anastasia Pershina wrote her thesis on scientific degree of candidate of technical science. After founding of her own company, Mrs.Pershina continued the close cooperation with “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika” and got a dealer contract. From year to year we developed the dealer way, because the main task is to get a maximum within our cooperation.

NPK “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika” designs and supplies equipment and technologies for mineral and technogenic raw materials. Equipment of NPK “Mekhanobr-Tekhnika” is widely used by national and foreign companies of various industries, research centers, mining exploration organizations focused on research and processing of solid natural and technogenic raw materials, sample preparation to analytical studies.

We are so honored to represent the interests of the leading Russian manufactures of mining equipment.       

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On New Year’s Eve, it is customary to summarize the results of the past year and set goals for the next one. This year was difficult, eventful and gave the company a huge round of development: the team has become more numerous, the office is more spacious and cozy, there are more strong partnerships. This year was held under the auspices of conquering new peaks, and we are not going to stop there!

Dear friends and colleagues! Our achievements are the result of our common efforts. Today we want to thank you all for being with us during this difficult time. We grow and develop together. We wish that all our wishes come true next year! ✨

Happy New Year! Your EnProTech team

Work schedule 1/11-7/11

Dear friends and colleagues! We have received a lot of questions about our working schedule 01.11-07.11!

We won’t be on vacation and for the convenient communication with our customers, we will stay in touch – 24/7.

We always care about our employees, in this case, for general safety of our team decided to work remotely due to this period. If you need to visit our office – please, contact us in advance.

We take care of our customers, so all managers are still in touch and waiting for your emails, so no worries – none of your requests will be lost, and none of your requests will be ignored. All shipments are on schedule, with no changes.

Take care of yourself and those you love!
 With love and care, EnProTech Ltd team 


MINEX Moscow 2021

The leading industry mining and geological forum #MINEXRUSSIA21 took place in Moscow on October 6-7. We, as usual, took part in this forum and we were glad to meet out industry partners. 

The forum was held by subject of “Development of the Mining Industry of the Future”, where our team made a presentation “Implimentations of Bond index testing equipment” and also presented equipment of our own brand EnProTech Ltd.

Using Bond index testing equipment by EnProTech, it is now possible to select the most energy efficient equipment for industrial crushing and grinding cycles.

Testing equipment #EnProTech Ltd is:

  • increased safety at work;
  • increase of work efficiency and significant cost reduction;
  • high reliability and quality of German assembly.

6 years of EnProTech!

On October, 1 we turned 6 years old!

For 6 years we have been developing and have achieved great results – exclusive distribution agreements, large complex deliveries in Russia and abroad, a cool team of specialists!

For 6 years we have been supplying complex deliveries for laboratories of mining enterprises. During this time, we have received a number of large contracts and are the exclusive representatives of some manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries.

Further – only forward!

Happy birthday EnProTech Ltd!


Top 1000 Supplier Awards

There are things we are proud of: EnProTech Ltd has been among the top 1000 best suppliers for the 5th year now it has been among the TOP-1000 of the best suppliers, and also regularly becomes a nominee for the “Industry Leader” award. In our last interview for the “Fair Trade” platform we talked about our experience.

In our last interview for the “Bargaining Is Appropriate” site, we talked about our experience.

So, what qualities distinguish a successful supplier?

First of all, attitude to the customer. A good supplier is distinguished by his attention to the customer’s problems and his involvement in solving them. For us it is impossible to leave questions without answers and information on the current status of delivery, ignorng messages and calls, make you wait too long.

Second, it is responsibility. If you made a commitment, you must fulfill it flawlessly. Even in the current difficult market conditions associated with all sorts of constraints due to coronavirus infection, we do not allow ourselves to refer to force majeure, “make excuses”, and we do our job clearly, often finding new non-standard solutions.

Third, the quality. A successful supplier will never allow himself to deliver low-quality, unsuitable equipment or consumables for the sake of profit. We value not only our customers’ business, which can significantly suffer due to the use of such components in the production process, but also ourselves and our reputation. That’s why no one will ever see flexibility from us in this criterion.

More about our work and our path through the thorns at link

JKTech Distribution

EnProTech Ltd has become an exclusive distributor of JKTech in Russia and CIS

Australian company JKTech was founded on the basis of the renowned Julius Krutschnitt Mineral Resources Research Center of the University of Queensland JKMRC. JKTech specializes in consulting, laboratory testing and professional staff development.

JKTech integrates geometallurgy, blasting, mining, milling, mineral separation and waste management to optimize processes and improve the profitability of the production cycle.

The main activity is technological software for mining companies.


You can always buy #JKTech products from us:

  • JKSimMet software for crushing and grinding circuit calculations;
  • JKSimFloat software for calculating flotation cycles;
  • JKMultiBal software for mass balance;
  • JKSimBlast software for monitoring drilling and blasting operations;
  • JKDWT Falling Weight Tester for determining ore crushing characteristics;
  • JKMLA Material Disclosure Analyzer;
  • Delayed gas in foam probe;
  • JK Samplers and more.


The Great Construction of the Century

Friends! It’s no secret that a large-scale construction of a mining company is underway in the Trans-Baikal Territory at the country’s largest copper deposit, discovered back in the middle of the last century.

Long years were spent on planning and preparation of a really grandiose project of mining remote from the capital, but so coveted resources. The final understanding of the technology required for the development only appeared a few years ago. From the outset it was very clear the immense scale of the project, not for nothing someone aptly called the forthcoming scope of work “the construction of the century”!

And what does EnProTech Ltd have to do with it all? Yes, quite directly!

EnProTech Ltd team managed to take part in the “Building of the century” in the part of complex equipment provision of the central analytical and ecological laboratory. The project required a lot of attention and an individual approach. In order to take into account all the wishes of such a demanding client we undertook the whole range of tasks related to the construction of the laboratory – from the room layout, taking into account the location of devices, to the selection of professional equipment and consumables.

For us, this event was not only the biggest breakthrough in the history of the company, but also a big step forward, opening up new horizons. We are sincerely proud that we could be a part of such a truly global project for Russia and for the whole world.

We can handle any nut! Stay tuned.

EnProTech in Siberia! Exhibition “UGOL ROSSII I MINING 2021”

Dear friends and colleagues, our EnProTech team took a part from 1st till 4th June 2021 in the XXIX International Specialized Exhibition of Mining Technologies “UGOL ROSSII I MINING” in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

After a while, we finally managed to meet old friends in Novokuznetsk, which is located far from St. Petersburg, and also to hold many interesting meetings with new business partners. We are so recharged right now and got a lot of positive emotions after the exhibition. We even took a part in a live broadcast dedicated to the exhibition for a local radio program.

There was a lot of attention to the EnProTech Ltd stand from the participants and visitors due to the fact that everyone could communicate with the company’s specialists and ask questions about interesting items of the EnProTech brand and receive professional advices of the equipment of our key partners:

–    Morgan is the world leading company in assay equipment.

–    Oreas is the world leader in the production of reference materials for the composition of ores and rocks.

–    Mark & Wedell is a designer and manufacturer of automatic selection systems.

–    Sartorius company is an international supplier of weighing and dosing equipment.

–    JKTech is a developer of innovative solutions for the mining industry.

–    JKTech is a developer of innovative solutions for the mining industry.

Our Summary of Mining World 2021

Friends and Colleagues, it’s been a month since Mining World 2021 came to an end. Here is our report. The event once again brought together industry specialists and everyone involved in mining, processing and transportation of minerals.

The exhibition was held in the traditional format. Exhibitors were the biggest market players. During the business program it was possible to discuss the prospects of the industry and the current state of affairs.

For us the exhibition was like an instant. The program was very rich and business meetings followed one after another. Everyone in our team gave 100%. We were in business communication up to the last minute of the exhibition. We were all trying to quench our thirst for live communication, which had accumulated during the pandemic.

Note that we also missed the live communication with Customers, Partners and Colleagues. We tried to make the stand as convenient as possible for business communication, and we are sure that all the guests liked it. We would like to thank the organizers for the high-level event.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and made these 3 days unforgettable. Now the next venue will be Novokuznetsk. Our team will visit Ugol Rossii and Mining from June 1 to 4.

Happy Great Victory Day!

Friends and colleagues, we would like to congratulate you on the Great Victory Day!

This holiday is a special one for every Russian. 76 years ago, Soviet heroes brought freedom to the world. Our people paid a huge price for the victory. Every family was touched by the war.

Today we honor those who fought at the front and those who fought the enemy on the home front. No matter how many years pass, we will remember their exploits. The date of May 9 is forever in our memory.

For our part, we promise to be worthy descendants of the heroes who defeated fascism and gave us life without war. Each of us cherishes the memory of our ancestors’ deeds in our hearts.

Successful Supplier Award 2021

The year 2020 was a hard enough year for many. The test of the pandemic came suddenly and hit the global economy hard enough. At the same time, it was important to react in time and reconstruct work under the new realities. Our team has coped with this goal. We were able to respond to the challenges of the time and perform all tasks.

One of our traditional goals was the B2B-Center “Successful vendor 2021” award. We have won this award before, and this year was no exception. EnProTech Ltd has been a reliable supplier and a guarantor of stable operations of mining companies.

We would like to emphasize that the “Successful Supplier 2021” award recognizes the company’s high level of reliability. This was made possible by the contribution of each member of our team. We are in the top 1000 best suppliers on the B2B-Center (one of the largest bidding portals). This title confirms that we do our work of high quality, and cooperation with EnProTech Ltd is the way to success.

“Every year we conduct a survey to impartially assess the work of suppliers: now there are over 500 thousand of them registered on the site. With the help of simple, clear and objective criteria the site forms the list of the most successful bidders. As a result, both large companies and small businesses get into the TOP 1000. We are happy that the professional competence of suppliers in electronic bidding is constantly growing. From our side we actively support them in this aspiration and help to work more effectively”, – noted Andrey Boyko, commercial director of B2B-Center.

“Winning in “Successful 2021 Supplier” nomination is another important step to our success, and we have reached it due to our hard work. We can confidently say that our work this year will be even better and of higher quality.

Happy Geologist’s Day

Friends and colleagues, we would like to wish you a Happy Geologist’s Day!

We are delighted to have representatives of this fascinating and very important profession among our ranks. Romantic scientists – this is the conclusion one can draw about geologists when reading about their expeditions. These specialists study the structure and composition of rocks in order to discover minerals. Treasure hunters, whose treasure is not a chest full of money, but a huge deposit where resources may be mined in the future.

Given the length of our country, geologists have a lot of work to do. Many areas are not inhabited, so geologists have to go on long journeys to do their research, which in the profession is called the “field season”. Sometimes one season is not enough to find a deposit, and so they have to return to the same harsh region two or three times. Of course, the profession is not limited to field explorers. There are scientists trying to unravel the mysteries of our planet.

They say that romance is characteristic of geologists, so let your life be full of it. More scenic places. More sunsets and sunrises. More warm and sunny days. More moonlit and starry nights. More vivid emotions. Happy Geologist’s Day!

Let’s meet at the exhibition!

Friends and colleagues, we are back in touch!

In just three weeks’ time, the 25th MiningWorld Russia, the International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Mineral Resources, will open at Crocus Expo. The exhibition will run for 3 days, from 20-22 April.

Over 170 companies will present their products and equipment innovations at their stands, including EnProTech Ltd. We will be happy to present our industry novelties to all visitors.

We have also prepared a grand announcement which will be announced very soon. We are waiting for you at our booth №B2037. Our senior management will be there, which means that we will be able to discuss a number of issues in person at the highest level.

We will be ready to tell you about current trends, discuss the market situation and exchange experiences. We are looking forward to seeing you all, come along!

Happy 8th March!

Dear women! We heartily congratulate you on the International Women’s Day, the 8th of March!

This wonderful spring holiday is a symbol of endless love, sincere admiration and deep respect to you – our women. You are the ones who give meaning to life, joy, happiness, hope and faith in the future. You are the fairer half of humanity and can achieve anything, be it scientific discoveries, sports competitions or running a business.

Your contribution to education, culture and healthcare cannot be overestimated. At the same time you create and keep the home cozy, raise and educate children, give generously your warmth, inspire to work and make new achievements for the family well-being.

We wish all women to feel their specialness and importance. May you always be taken care of, cherished and protected. Be desired, loved, happy, smiling and stunningly beautiful!

Happy “Defender of the Fatherland Day”!

Friends and colleagues, we hasten to congratulate you with the upcoming “Defender of the Fatherland Day”.  The holiday originated in the USSR, when February 23 was annually celebrated as a national holiday – “Day of the Soviet Army and Navy”. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the holiday is still celebrated in some CIS countries.

February 23 is celebrated in Russia as Defender of the Fatherland Day. In fact, the holiday is celebrated as a day of men. This holiday has developed and its own traditions in carrying out – veterans who served during the war, are awarded commemorative awards. The holiday has become a national holiday, and the distinction between those who have ever served in the military and those who were not involved in it has been erased. Any man is a priori considered a potential defender, and if it so happens that the homeland is in danger, each of them becomes a warrior. The holiday of February 23 has become a common “men’s day”, which in our country is loved and revered.

Dear men, we congratulate you on February 23! Be invincible, strong, healthy and lucky. Let the difficulties recede and the problems be solved easily. Energy to you, patience, prosperity and financial heights. Always stay strong. Happy Holidays!

2020 Summary

Friends and colleagues, the end of the year is around the corner and it is perfect timing to summarize everything that happened for us. No doubt, this year was anything but simple, but our team has succesfuly overcome all challenges!

This year:

✅almost doubled our staff

✅expanded our own product range

✅moved to a new comfortable office

✅ withstood pandemic situation and successfully operated remotely
✅discharged liabilities in full

✅ Took part in a largest expo in our sphere – “Minig World”

✅ Expanded our field and now are glad to offer sample collection systems and industrial chemicals

✅Became an official Mark & Wedell representative

And…. it is just a short list pointing out key moments for our company. For sure, there were plenty. The largest contract in the company’s history, signed this year, says a lot!
We are confident that it is just a step towards the biggest success. In 2021 we will definitely conquer new peaks that are ahead of us. We have ambitious plans but will not reveal them just yet.

Happy Power Engineers Day!

The modern world is hard to imagine without energy resources. Light, heat and even water in homes are the merit of power engineers. In Russia, this day is celebrated on December 22. The energy industry is now one of the main sectors of our country’s economy.

The professional holiday of energy industry workers is over half a century old, it was established in 1966. The date of December 22 was chosen because it was the day in 1920 when the State Plan of Electrification of Russia (GOELRO Plan) was adopted.

Such seemingly simple things: electricity, heating, hot water, telephone, television, the Internet – we use them every day and cannot imagine life without them. And we rarely think about how hard they are sometimes given, because the work of power engineering specialists is twenty-four-hour a day! I wish you strength, patience and success in your difficult service. Let it brings not only moral but also financial satisfaction. Happy Power Engineer Day!

EnProTech is a single representative of “Mark & Wedell” in Russia and CIS countries.

Friends and Colleagues, we were happy to present our new partner “Mark & Wedell” at the last Mining World exhibition.

At the booth we demonstrated a rotary sample splitter, that can be used as a separate equipment unit, as well as a part of a comprehensive system of representative sampling from the manufacturer. And let’s take a closer lok at  “Mark & Wedell”.

The range of equipment produced by “Mark & Wedell” is very wide and includes solutions for mining, mineral processing and transportation. The range includes: primary samplers, secondary samplers, dividers, extraction samplers, crushers and shredders, conveyors and feeders, sample warehouses, and automation systems.

«Mark & Wedell» gained its world-wide recognition for the unique simplified sampling system. It is manufactured by “M&W JAWO Sampling” division and is one of the world leaders in development and production of automated sampling equipment, devices and complex system solutions for representative sampling of aggregate bulk materials, powders, industrial dust and ash.

Unique solutions of “M&W JAWO Sampling” are widely known in the markets and among customers due to more than 40 years of experience. M&W JAWO Sampling has supplied over 2,600 automated sampling solutions. This represents about 850 successfully closed projects in more than 85 countries.

This year, a distribution agreement was signed between EnProTech and Mark & Wedell. We are glad that there are areas of common interest between our professional teams. Now, EnProTech is an exclusive representative of “Mark & Wedell” on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. We are sure that this is just a beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.

Mining World 2020 exhibition ended in Moscow

Friends and colleagues, last week the Mining World 2020 exhibition ended in Moscow.

It was a unique event for this year – mining specialists were able to meet live. Our team also took part in the exhibition. For us, it was a chance to meet our regular customers and find new ones.

We were happy to present our new partners from Mark & Wedell. They supply systems for complex sampling. We also hurry to inform you that we are the official distributor of Mark & Wedell in Russia and CIS.

The exhibition was held at a high level. Separately, I would like to thank the organizers, who, despite the severe restrictions, were able to create this holiday for all guests and exhibitors.

MINEX Russia Mining and Geological Forum was held last week in Moscow.

Our team took part in a very important specialized event. We would like to thank all participants and organisers for making such a feast for mining industry professionals. It is particularly valuable this year as the world is struggling with pandemia and face-to-face communication is challenging.

The forum gave us the opportunity to meet with key clients and partners. It is worth mentioning that  standards of organisation
were high and all necessary precaution measures were abode.

Active autumn is not over for us and we are getting ready for yet another expo in the mining industry.

Happy Miner’s Day!

Friends and colleagues, we hasten to congratulate you on Miner’s Day.

It is a professional holiday of miners, the history of which began in the times of the Soviet Union. At night from August 30 to 31, 1935, the miner Alexey Stakhanov set a record – he mined 102 tons of coal with the quota of 7 tons. Since then, the last Sunday in August has been the miners’ professional holiday.

The holiday was officially established in 1947, and ceremonies in honor of the mining industry workers were first held in the Soviet Union on August 29, 1948. Today this holiday is celebrated in regions where minerals are mined.

Miner – a very difficult and responsible profession, which requires a lot of skill and courage. Not everyone can go down into the bowels of the earth every day to perform their duties. The miners’ work is a true feat, which is performed at the risk of death.

We congratulate all those involved in mining on their professional holiday. Please accept the sincere words of gratitude for your hard and dangerous work. We wish you accident-free work, health and prosperity!


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