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EnProTech is a single representative of “Mark & Wedell” in Russia and CIS countries.

EnProTech is a single representative of “Mark & Wedell” in Russia and CIS countries.

Friends and Colleagues, we were happy to present our new partner “Mark & Wedell” at the last Mining World exhibition.

At the booth we demonstrated a rotary sample splitter, that can be used as a separate equipment unit, as well as a part of a comprehensive system of representative sampling from the manufacturer. And let’s take a closer lok at  “Mark & Wedell”.

The range of equipment produced by “Mark & Wedell” is very wide and includes solutions for mining, mineral processing and transportation. The range includes: primary samplers, secondary samplers, dividers, extraction samplers, crushers and shredders, conveyors and feeders, sample warehouses, and automation systems.

«Mark & Wedell» gained its world-wide recognition for the unique simplified sampling system. It is manufactured by “M&W JAWO Sampling” division and is one of the world leaders in development and production of automated sampling equipment, devices and complex system solutions for representative sampling of aggregate bulk materials, powders, industrial dust and ash.

Unique solutions of “M&W JAWO Sampling” are widely known in the markets and among customers due to more than 40 years of experience. M&W JAWO Sampling has supplied over 2,600 automated sampling solutions. This represents about 850 successfully closed projects in more than 85 countries.

This year, a distribution agreement was signed between EnProTech and Mark & Wedell. We are glad that there are areas of common interest between our professional teams. Now, EnProTech is an exclusive representative of “Mark & Wedell” on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. We are sure that this is just a beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.


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