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“Out-of-the-office” mode

Colleagues and Partners, from now on we work remotely. The reason is the disease COVID-19 identified within our team. We took all the necessary precautions that were prescribed by the Russian consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor, but still could not protect ourselves completely against the virus.

When the employee demonstrated first symptoms, the test was made and the result, unfortunately, came positive. We have decided to go back to working remotely and monitor our health closely.

Shifting to a remote work will not affect the delivery times and quality of work at all. All obligations will be fulfilled on time and at high level. We will keep you posted on changes in our working mode.

Take care!

Nerves of steel, hearts of gold. Happy Metallurgist Day!

Metallurgist Day in Russia is celebrated every year in July, on the third Sunday of the month. Unfortunately, this year celebration will be a bit different. This does not negate the entire significance of the holiday and does not overshadow great deed that metallurgists perform every day.

Metallurgist Day was established on September 28, 1957 by the decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium. This way the Soviet government noted the important contribution of the domestic metallurgy to the restoration of the country’s economy after a devastating war. Such work has always been considered hard. It is not for nothing that after 15-20 years of experience at the metallurgical facility the title “Honored Metallurgist of Russia” is awarded.

Today this day is celebrated by representatives of different professions, each of them is somehow connected with ferrous or non-ferrous metallurgy: blast furnaces, steel workers, distributors, foundry workers, blacksmiths and many others. Miners who extract ore – a necessary element for the production of metal – also consider this holiday as their own. Our team sincerely congratulates you on the Day of Metallurgist. In such a difficult time, workers in the metallurgical industry are a real support for our country. A difficult and dangerous trade is always a conscious choice of strong people. Thank you for it!

We wish you good health. And you already have hearts of gold! Let all hardships pass by. Happy holiday!

EnProTech – Breakthrough of the Year!

Friends and Colleagues, our team has once again reached its goal and confirmed the high quality of work. We became the winner in “Breakthrough of the Year” ctegory as a part of the Competitive Sales Leader Award.

This year, 200 suppliers from all over Russia strove for victory in 8 nominations. Only 76 of them reached the final. The projects of each participant were evaluated by an independent market experts. As a result, companies that achieved a substantial sales increase got the highest score.

In 2019, we launched our own EnProTech equipment line and significantly increased sales. The experts saw the true value of our work and chose our team as the winner in “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination.

We are not planning to stop and ready to release additional units of equipment this year. They are a logical continuation of the equipment line and meet the market demands.

We would like to thank award organizers for recognition of our success. Winning the “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination gives us additional motivation and proves that our company has chosen the right path for development.

Special gratitude to our Customers. We work for you! This victory would not have been possible without the trust placed in our team.

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One more important step!

Friends and colleagues, we are glad to inform you that we have changed our location.

Yet another milestone for our company. Our team has expanded significantly, and as we pay great attention to the quality of workspace we have decided to move to a more comfortable and cozy space.

By now, we have settled down and would be happy to welcome you in our new office at 43, Havanskaya street in St. Petersburg.

Our company is actively growing and developing, and we are not planning to stop! Since the very beginning, our priorities remain unchanged – high quality and individual approach to each client.

We started as a small company. Today we are a leading supplier of equipment for assay laboratories. The high level of our work is highly valued by leaders of the mining industry, which once again proves that we are on the right path.

1 May – Spring and Labor Day

1 May is a world-famous date that has changed its meaning many times. The first May Day were organized by pagans, trying to fertilize the goddess of fertility before spring sowing. And the official holiday was approved by the Congress of the International in support of the Chicago workers’ struggle against exploitation.

Soon after, 1 May was soaked in the spirit of communism, and a couple of years later demonstrators were already calling for the immediate overthrow of power. At the end of the revolution, they continued to commemorate it as Workers’ Solidarity Day.

In 1992, the last name was approved – the Day of Spring and Labor. Since then, congratulations on 1 May have been voiced in 66 countries.

Friends and Colleagues, congratulations on 1 May! We wish you spring mood and success in your work. Let your deeds be kind and creative, let your thoughts be bright and your work always brings you pleasure!

Friends, happy Health and Safety Day!

Today, 28 April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated in many countries around the world. It was established by the ILO (International Labour Organization). The main mission of the holiday is to prevent accidents and occupational diseases at work. It was started by American and Canadian workers who in 1989 gathered to commemorate their colleagues who died at work.

The holiday, of course, refers not only to the mining industry. It concerns all workers. Compliance with safety standards and requirements is the most important condition of the working process. Its violations can have serious consequences for the company and the health of employees.

Friends, we congratulate everyone who stands at the machine today, manages machinery, extracts minerals, builds houses and industrial facilities, works in numerous factories and plants. Safe work for you, without injuries and diseases. Be careful, don’t break safety standards, and remember – your family is waiting for you at home!

Happy Shift Worker Day!

On April 27 our country celebrated a professional holiday of rotational workers – the Day of a Rotational Worker!

It is believed that the first Shift Worker Day was celebrated in 2011. And although the official status of the holiday does not have, we remember it and with respect treat all who have worked and work on a rotational basis.

Work rotational worker, as a rule, is associated with harsh working conditions, and the duration of the shift can vary. Very often even physically strong people, after working on a rotational shift and facing the difficulties of this method of work, do not conclude a second contract. And they are understandable.

Therefore, our special respect to the “veteran watchmen”, because they have experienced all the hardships of such work and managed to overcome them.

Congratulations on Shift Worker Day!

Increase our online presence! We stay home – we stay together!

Dear Colleagues and Partners, the current situation dictates conditions in that we will probably not be able to see many people in person any time soon. It is great disappointment for us, but now the most important thing is to observe the norms and requirements of the epidemic.

In the beginning of April MINEX Kazakhstan forum was to be held. This exhibition unfortunately was postponed until autumn. At the same time the organizers do not forget that their venue is a place where professionals communicate. We received an offer from the organizers of the exhibition to take part in the Geologist’s Day, that was gladly used.

Colleagues and Partners, we will increase our presence in the network. We will start with small now we offer you to subscribe to our social networks. We have already launched YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Follow the updates and be healthy!

Published: 2020-04-09

Happy Geologist’s Day!

Friends, we want to congratulate all our Сolleagues in the industry on Geologist’s Day. This professional holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday of April. This day is important for everyone who works in such a difficult industry as mining.

The main objects of geology research are rocks. We are directly involved in the search and extraction of minerals so we consider Geologist’s Day to be our professional holiday.

The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance. In this period specialists start planning summer expeditions and field works. Snow falls, frosts recede, so the assessment of soil conditions becomes much easier.

Colleagues! It is important to remember that we are all responsible for the mineral resource base of the state and are its support. We want to pay tribute to those who in difficult conditions, risking their lives, are searching for and extracting resources necessary for the country.

We wish you unique finds, great discoveries, a treasure trove of minerals, unquenchable interest in your activities and great benefit from your work!

Published: 2020-04-03

April is not a vacation time!

Dear Сolleagues and Clients, all of you have probably heard that this month has been declared a non-working month in Russia. However we continue to work in the normal mode.

The whole team has decided that we must act together in this difficult time. We will continue to work for the benefit of our Clients.

It is important for us to provide mining companies in a timely manner as they are the backbone of the economy and should not stop working. We have taken all necessary measures in advance and successfully moved to a remote work format that allows us to maintain our high level of organization of work.

In these difficult times we continue to be the guarantor of stable operation of mining enterprises. All obligations and agreements will be fulfilled in normal mode!

Take care of yourself and do not worry. We will do everything that is possible now from our side.

EnProTech team

Published: 2020-04-02

We continue to work!

In such a difficult time it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of authorities and representatives of medicine. Now it is important to remain calm, quickly adapt to new realities and help each other.

Dear Clients and Partners, we continue our work, despite the fact that the week from March 30 to April 3 is declared a non-working. We made timely decisions, which were taken at the state level. Our team has been working remotely for a week, so we do not need any additional measures related to limiting the spread of coronavirus infection.

We understand that it is impossible to stop the complex technical process of the mining enterprise immediately, so we decided to continue working in a continuous mode to support our key Сustomers.

We act with correction for external factors, but they do not affect the quality of our work. Our team ensures that all obligations and agreements are met as usual. All engineers will be in touch with you and any questions you may have will not go unanswered.

We also remind you that we have prepared sufficient inventories of goods that are required by mining laboratories on an ongoing basis.

Colleagues and Partners you can rely on us in these difficult times!

Published: 2020-03-27

Delivery time will be extended

In response to the fast global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the identification of new cases of coronavirus infection in the UAE, local authorities decided to close Dubai Airport until the global situation is resolved. Regular flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg have been suspended since 24 March 2020.

Taking into account the current circumstances, we inform our Customers that the delivery time for Australian goods, certified reference materials in particular, will be increased. From our side, our logistics department is working out all possible options to solve this problem and deliver the goods within the dates specified by us earlier.

We sincerely hope for your understanding and support in this force majeure situation.

Published: 2020-03-26

As long as we are – we are a Successful Supplier!

Set the goals and achieve them – this is how we can characterize the movement of our company on the Russian market of equipment suppliers for the mining industry. We have become the guarantor of stable work for many leading laboratories of the mining enterprises.

Recently we have been awarded on one more Successful Supplier 2020 that recognizes the high level of EnProTech’s reliability. We have won this award thanks to the contribution of each member of our team. We were included in the TOP 1000 of the Best Suppliers on the B2B-Center. B2B-Center is one of the largest portals for tenders. This title additionally emphasizes that we perform our work professionally and cooperation with EnProTech Ltd is always the way to success and growth.

“Thanks to the selection criteria, only those companies that are really struggling for new orders and their Clients, doing a great job to develop their business, are included in the list. Therefore, we are happy to tell about them to the market and potential customers”, – said Andrey Boyko, Commercial Director of B2B-Center.

The status of Successful Supplier 2020 was one of our goals, and we achieved it working hard all year. Since we started working at the B2B-Center site, we receive this honorable status every year. We can state confidently that the title of 2021 is around the corner.

Published: 2020-03-23

Our team is our treasure!

There is a complicated epidemiological situation in St. Petersburg. It is caused by a new coronavirus infection (2019-nCov). “EnProTech” Ltd responsibly approaches measures to ensure the safety of the team, taking into account the preventive recommendations of the relevant government agencies and supervisory structures. Last week we started implementing measures aimed at revealing signs of an infectious disease at colleagues, and at prevention of infection spread. Daily disinfection is carried out in the office. All business trips are limited.

As the epidemiological situation worsens, a scheme has been developed that will allow us to work from home without the threat of infection. From Monday, March 23rd, we will switch to remote work mode, which will last until April 5th inclusive. The period may be extended, depending on the situation with the spread of the virus.

In making this decision, we first want to protect our team from potential danger. We appreciate every member of our team and always focus on social responsibility.

Colleagues and partners, we would like to inform you that all obligations and agreements will be implemented as usual. Our team is always in touch with you, despite external factors.

Published: 2020-03-20

Nearest exhibitions postponed until the autumn

Partners and colleagues, we would like to inform you that the dates of the nearest exhibitions have changed because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading. Mining World 2020 and Minex Kazakhstan 2020 have been moved to autumn. MINEX Kazakhstan 2020 Forum and Exhibition has been rescheduled for November 10-12. The Mining World 2020 exhibition will be moved to October-November; more specific dates will be announced additionally during this week.

A state of emergency has now been declared in Kazakhstan. The work of large trade objects, and also entry into the country and abroad, has been restricted. Quarantine will be introduced in the country, protection of public order and especially important state and strategic objects will be strengthened.

In Russia, measures are currently being taken to prevent the spread of the disease in a number of regions. In connection with the decree of the Governor of the Moscow Region dated 12.03.2020 No. 108-PG “On the introduction in the Moscow region of a high-readiness regime for the governing bodies and forces of the Moscow Regional Emergency Prevention and Response System and some measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (2019-nCov) on the territory of the Moscow Region”. The organizers of Mining World 2020 took it into account and moved the event to autumn.

EnProTech Ltd. supports the decision of the organizers and will participate in the exhibitions in autumn. We will be glad to provide support and assistance in organizing the visit!

Published: 2020-03-16

Happy Women’s Day

On this festive day, we are happy to congratulate the charming ladies!

We wish you to meet spring with smiles, compliments and great mood. Prosperity to you, success, professional achievements, personal victories, health and prosperity.

Happy 8 March, dear colleagues and partners!

EnProTech Ltd staff

Latest OREAS product releases

We  inform you that an update has occurred in the Oreas CRM’s line. The manufacturer has released a lot of new materials and replacements. We are ready to provide you with any of the new products released. Let’s consider the changes in more detail.

Five Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo CRMs

Two replacement CRMs (OREAS 503d and 504c) are sourced from the Cadia Valley Mine, Australia and three new CRMs are sourced from the Northparkes Mine, Australia.

Certified Values for Cu, Au and Mo:

High silver Epithermal Au-Ag- Cu CRM series

Certified Au, Cu and Ag values for high silver Epithermal CRMs:

Four pegmatite Li ore and concentrate CRMs

Certified values for Li2O are shown below.

Two replacement Blank CRMs and new Basalt SuperCRM®

Five new metasediment-hosted Au ore CRMs

Orogenic (siliciclastic) metasediment gold ores sourced from the Fosterville Mine, Australia. Certified Au values:

Six new epithermal Au-Cu-Ag ore CRMs

High gold, epithermal Au-Ag-Cu ore sourced from Evolution Mining’s Mt Carlton Mine, Australia. Preliminary values for Au, Cu and Ag:

Three new Carlin style Au ore CRMs

Primary gold ores sourced from Newmont’s Leeville Mine, Nevada (USA). Certified values are shown below.

Zn-Pb-Au-Ag mine tailings CRM

Sourced from MMG’s Rosebery Mine, Australia. Certified values shown below.

Upcoming OREAS products for 2020

New Cu-Au (Mo) concentrate CRM (available Q1 2020)

Sourced from Newcrest Mining’s Cadia Mine, Australia. Preliminary values shown below.

Seven new Witwatersrand Au CRMs (available late 2019 / early 2020)

Primary gold ores sourced from Anglo Gold Ashanti, South Africa. Target Au grades:

High grade oxide and sulphide-bearing Au ore CRMs (available February 2020)

These ores are sourced from three different mine deposits in Australia. Target Au grades are shown below.

Other upcoming OREAS products

  • Copper +Ag+Au concentrates OREAS 994, 990b & 992b (replacing OREAS 99b, 990 and 992);
  • Lead and Zinc concentrates OREAS 353 & 354 (replacing OREAS 352 and 351);
  • Gold oxide ores OREAS 250b, 252b, 253b, 255b, 256b & 258 (replacing OREAS 250, 252, 253, 255 & 256 and new CRM OREAS 258 ~11ppm Au);
  • Lithium pegmatite ore OREAS 750 from the Bynoe Field, Australia (replaces OREAS 147);
  • Greenstone-hosted Orogenic Au ores (replacing OREAS 217, 221, 222 & 226);
  • New Sediment-hosted Copper-Cobalt primary and oxide ores (OREAS 550-556) from the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • New Ferruginous Manganese ores (OREAS 173-175) from the Postmasburg field, South Africa;
  • New Magmatic Nickel-Copper-Cobalt ores from Western Australia.

We pass the Microtrac flag to our partners!

In June 2019, the American company Microtrac, Inc. and the Japanese company Microtrac BEL – the leading manufacturers and founders of technological solutions for particle size and surface analysis have entered into a merger agreement with the VERDER Group.

On January 1st 2020, the right to distribute Microtrac products officially passed to our Partner, Verder Scientific (Saint – Petersburg), a subsidiary of the Russian company Verder Scientific.

Despite the fact that we represented Microtrac on the Russian market within the framework of product promotion, service and technical support for a relatively short time, we are very grateful to the management and the entire Microtrac team for their trust, invaluable experience, new knowledge, unlimited help and support 24/7/365. Especially, we would like to express our gratitude for the warm and cordial welcome on German soil at the international meeting of Microtrac distributors in February 2019, organized at the highest level of professionalism! We deeply appreciate the opportunity to be among the best and become the first to get acquainted with the innovative technology embodied in the Sync device. At the exhibition Analytica Expo 2019 the interest of visitors in the Microtrac products gives confidence in the right direction of development of the Microtrac technical base, as well as the influence and experience of the Verder Scientific will boost to cover a greater range of Customers and technological applications around the world.

We are absolutely sure that the Verder Scientific will continue to represent Microtrac MBR with dignity and at a high level in Russia! We wish our partners firmly to carry the Microtrac flag, grow and develop rapidly in this direction!

Dear Customers, you still can receive professional advice and assistance in application Microtrac equipment for your needs by contacting Verder Scientific:

☏ +7 812 777 11 07

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The OREAS trademark is registered in Russia!

Being the exclusive distributor of the Australian company Ore Research & Exploration Pty Ltd, EnProTech Ltd is actively engaged in the promotion of OREAS CRMs, making this product more and more popular among laboratories and geologists of mining enterprises in Russia and the CIS countries. Unfortunately, the registered abroad trademark does not have any protection and valid force within the territory of Russian Federation. Thus, continuing to develop the popularity of OREAS CRMs, EnProTech Ltd together with partner Ore Research & Exploration Pty Ltd have decided to register the OREAS trademark in Russia.

Finally, on January 13th 2020, the OREAS trademark has been registered in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation.

For EnProTech Ltd, as a reliable partner and a successful supplier, it is important to support the brand development of the products offered, as well as to guarantee its Customers the quality and originality of the goods supplied.

Published: 2020-01-15

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

EnProTech staff sincerely congratulates you on the upcoming New Year 2020 and Christmas! New year is always a belief in a better future, something new and promising. Let the coming year realize all your dreams and wishes, create opportunities for further success and prosperity. We wish you the year 2020 be truly successful for you and bring everyone great achievements!

Let all your plans and cherished dreams come true. And most importantly – win where it is difficult, and do not retreat before the difficulties, boldly step forward!

We wish you good health, happiness, and personal and professional success in New Year 2020!

We are the champions!

According to the results of the ranking of the all-Russian business rating program in the sphere of Wholesale Trade in Machinery and Equipment for Mining and Construction, EnProTech Ltd is again the winner and is awarded the status of The Leader of Industry 2019, taking the 1st place in the Regional rate and the 5th place in the National one. The award of the all-Russian Business Rating is an indicator of reliability and competitiveness, demonstration of worthy results of the company and social responsibility to employees, clients and partners.

The official award symbol of the all-Russian Business Rating is a confirmation of the successful year of work and growth of the company. It should be noted that the status The Leader of Industry is also a significant addition to the historical case of the company. Moreover, despite the fact that EnProTech exists only 4 years at the moment there are already has two awards The Leader of Industry. This fact demonstrates the reliability, credibility and strong position of the company on the Russian market of suppliers of equipment and consumables for mining enterprises. Customers, partners and all those who are somehow connected with EnProTech can be sure of its reliability, success and stability.

For the staff of EnProTech the status-award The Leader of Industry 2019 is not only a confirmation of the high level of professionalism of the company’s management, teamwork and conscientious attitude to their work but also a powerful motivation to achieve new and more significant heights in the further development of the company and activity in general.

15 Miners Found Dead in Krasnoyarskiy Kray

Several miners’ houses from Sesim gold-mining company gone with the night flood due to the dam deterioration on the Seiba nearby Schetinkino (170 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk) on October 19th. At least 15 people found dead, 9 people stay at hospital and 5 left missing.

The 21st of October is announced the regional day of mourning, flags fly at half-mast in all counties around the region.

EnProTech people express deepest condolences to all relatives of the dead miners.

MINEX RUSSIA Exhibition Forum October 8-10 2019

On October 8-10th EnProTech took part in MINEX Russia 2019 15th anniversary Mining Geology Forum. This year the company performed business presentation «OREAS — from Rock to CRM according to Customer’s Order» in which the process of obtaining CRM for a client had been thoroughly described.

At its stand the company exposed models of the products designed and distributed — EnProTech press filter production sample, Morgan Advanced Materials cupellation furnace model and OREAS certified reference materials.

The company representatives performed a special-offer at the stand. They greeted customer-guests with a tasty desert, had a conversation and told guests about the company. At their turn the guests left their business-cards, among which, we believe, there has to be many useful contacts. This is how we develop trustworthy, long-term prosperous cooperation.

Despite the cold weather outside the forum it is warm and cosy at the stand. During preparations for the exhibition EnProTech had set high requirements that brought new acquaintances and professional recommendations. This indicates that the goals of taking part at the exhibition have been accomplished.

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OREAS: registration in the Industry register of CRMs continues!

We are pleased to inform you that EnProTech Ltd being the exclusive distributor of certified reference materials (CRMs) OREAS of ores and rocks (manufacturer – ORE Research & Exploration Pty Ltd, Australia) in Russia and the CIS countries, has completed registration of the second and third batches of OREAS in the Industry register of CRMs, that are recommended for use in laboratory-analytical support of geological prospecting and exploration works on solid mineral resources.

Thus, there are 15 OREAS CRMs in the Industry register of CRMs and work on further registration continues successfully!

Table 1. The second batch of OREAS entered in the Industry register of CRMs
Catalog Name Number in Industry register Basic Certified Values Description
1. OREAS 22f 916-19 Au: < 1 ppb* CRM of quartz sand with extremely low background gold (blank)
2. OREAS 217 917-19 Au: 0.338 ppm* CRMs of gold-quartz ores
3. OREAS 221 918-19 Au: 1.06 ppm*
4. OREAS 620 919-19 Au: 0.685 ppm*
Ag: 38.5 ppm**
Cu: 0.173 %**
Pb: 0.774 %**
Zn: 3.15 %**
CRMs of gold-sulphide (massive sulphide-polymetallic) ores
5. OREAS 623 920-19 Au: 0.827 ppm*
Ag: 20.4 ppm**
Cu: 1.73 %**
Pb: 0.250 %**
Zn: 1,03%**
  Table 2. The third batch of OREAS entered in the Industry register of CRMs

Catalog Name

Number in Industry register

Basic Certified Values


1. OREAS 600b 921-19 Au: 0.204 ppm*
Ag: 25.1 ppm**
Cu: 499 ppm**
CRMs of rich sulfide Ag-Cu-Au epithermal ores
2. OREAS 601b 922-19 Au: 0.775 ppm*
Ag: 50.1 ppm**
Cu: 0.101 %**
3. OREAS 602b 923-19 Au: 2.29 ppm*
Ag: 118 ppm*
Cu: 0.496 %**
4. OREAS 603b 924-19 Au: 5.21 ppm*
Ag: 301 ppm*
Cu: 0.973 %**
5. OREAS 604b 925-19 Au: 1.69 ppm*
Ag: 507 ppm*
Cu: 2.12 %**

* the values were obtained by fire assay for gold and silver. Other chemical elements and methods for determining their content in CRM you can see in analytical passports.

** the values were obtained by 4-acid digestion for silver and copper. Other chemical elements and methods for determining their content in CRM you can see in analytical passports.


We are glad to announce that EnProTech will attend the 15th MINEX Mining and Exploration Forum RUSSIA 2019 since 8 to 10 October 2019.

In its anniversary year, the forum is organized under the slogan Foresight of the Russian Mining and Exploration Industry Development, which becomes especially important because of depletion of the mineral resources and the rise in the cost of extraction of raw materials, one of the main global trends in the mining industry.

This, as well as many other issues, will be actively discussed on the sidelines of the forum, which will be attended by more than 500 delegates and 50 exhibitors. The program will be the following:

  • masterclasses;
  • more than 100 business presentations;
  • panel discussions;
  • Round Table.

We remind you that MINEX Russia is one of the largest and significant events in the mining and metallurgical industries of the country. During the forum, the engineer of EnProTech Ltd will make a report on theme OREAS – from Rock to CRM according to Customer’s Order.

We will be glad to see guests at our stand in the exhibition hall №2.

More detailed information you can find following the link:

See you on the Forum!

Expansion of the range of furnaces manufactured by Morgan Advanced Materials Furnace Industries

We are glad to present you the novelty in the range of furnaces manufactured by Morgan Advanced Materials Furnace Industries.
The EMF-50 furnace is the first Electric Fusion Furnace designed for simultaneous downloading of 50 crucibles. This Fusion furnace has 2 muffles №7, each of which is able to accommodate 25 crucibles 50 g, 65 g, and 75 g or 30 crucibles 30 g, 40 g, 55 g. Each door of the furnace is equipped with a personal pneumatic lifting device. Thus, the doors, which are independent from each other, contribute to the retaining heat in the working chamber while loading and unloading crucibles. The EMF-50 Fusion Furnace is twice as productive as the Electric Fusion Furnaces that currently is on the market.
More information you can get by sending us a request. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information!

The results of the exhibition MINEX Far East 2019

The company EnProTech took part in the largest professional forum in the field of exploration and processing of solid minerals MINEX Far East 2019 on July 25-26. The forum was held in Khabarovsk that is the center of extraction of precious and non-ferrous metals and other solid minerals.

The event was attended by a large number of manufacturing companies that produce equipment for different processes as well as the producers of the technologies themselves.

Engineers of the company EnProTech carried out a successful presentation on the topic OREAS – certified reference materials of a new generation. In the course of the presentation they spoke in details about the standard samples of the composition of rocks produced by the Australian company ORE RESEARCH & EXPLORATION, the exclusive official distributor of that is EnProTech. During the presentation the engineers acquainted potential Customers with the advantages and disadvantages of certified reference materials, how and where they are used, and also commented on the problems of composition and uniformity of CRMs.

Moreover, visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with the sample preparation equipment of own production that includes mills, crushers, press filters and drying cabinets.

For the company participation in the forum of this scale was not the first. Thanks to the forum MINEX Far East 2019 the company has acquired many significant contacts, which can later become regular Customers. We are happy to announce that the goal “To tell about ourselves and introduce our products to the potential partners and Customers” has been achieved!

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Steel Worker Day!

Annually, the Steel Worker Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July, in 2019 this holiday is celebrated on July 21. EnProTech Ltd traditionally congratulates all those people who are involved in celebrating this holiday. Such congratulation is always pleasant and is no relevant.

TThe Steel Worker is a very important and critical profession that includes the set of skills and functions in one person. Steel worker is the essential profession and its representatives play a great role in the development of our country.

Our company sends the heartiest congratulates to all workers of the metallurgical industry on the day of the steel worker. You are proud of our country and support for your family. Only strong and stout hearted people are able to master such an important and responsible profession. We wish you to be strong and healthy and well-being, happiness and prosperity, success and mutual understanding, success in implementing the most challenging ideas and plans, so that the most important thing is that the harmony and coziness reign in your family. You are our strength and might!

We have moved to a new office!

Dear customers, partners and friends! The company EnProTech LLC informs of the changing of its location address Attention! Our new address is: 199034, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospect V.I., 18, Rm. 60-H. The contact number remains the same: +7 (812) 600 12 17

The MINEX Far East Conference and Exhibition (MINEX FE) | July 25-26, 2019 Khabarovsk, Russia

Summer time has come, it’s the highest time to plan trips. EnProTech Company is not an exception. Only instead of vacation and going to the sea, our employees are going to conquer the Far East. Why exactly there? From 25 to 26 July 2019 The MINEX Far East Conference and Exhibition (MINEX FE) will take place in Khabarovsk.

This is the biggest professional conference in the field of exploration and mining of solid minerals in the countries of the Eurasian continent.

This event took part first on the Far East since 2008 becoming later an annual required to visit event due to the richness of the program for participants and visitors. While hosting this event a conference, seminars, an industry exhibition, as well as visits to plants to familiarize technology of processing of non-ferrous metals will take part.

Also it’s worth noting that on the plenary forum’s session EnProTech Ltd will be having a topic calling “OREAS – new-generation standard”.

We will be glad to welcome you and your colleagues at MINEX FE and we invite you to visit our booth No.2!

More detailed information you can find can at


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