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2020 Summary

2020 Summary

Friends and colleagues, the end of the year is around the corner and it is perfect timing to summarize everything that happened for us. No doubt, this year was anything but simple, but our team has succesfuly overcome all challenges!

This year:

✅almost doubled our staff

✅expanded our own product range

✅moved to a new comfortable office

✅ withstood pandemic situation and successfully operated remotely
✅discharged liabilities in full

✅ Took part in a largest expo in our sphere – “Minig World”

✅ Expanded our field and now are glad to offer sample collection systems and industrial chemicals

✅Became an official Mark & Wedell representative

And…. it is just a short list pointing out key moments for our company. For sure, there were plenty. The largest contract in the company’s history, signed this year, says a lot!
We are confident that it is just a step towards the biggest success. In 2021 we will definitely conquer new peaks that are ahead of us. We have ambitious plans but will not reveal them just yet.


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